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How Are We Different?

We hear all the time: “These are the best smelling  toilets!” Just by looking inside our toilets you know they are clean.

Customer Service is our #1 priority. When you make an appointment, we will be there or we will communicate what happened.

We are a local, family-owned, minority-owned, and woman-owned business.

We are commited to improving the environment. We provide environmentally-friendly products that benefit communities and public health.

We strive to maintain a safe, efficient, customer-friendly business. Supporting local communities is what we’re all about!

We are licensed, certified and insured. We provide friendly and professional service always.

Columbia Potties for the Rockies

Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets for Construction Projects
Portable Toilets for Special Events
Women-Specific Port-a-Potties
Luxury Restroom Trailers
Specialty Toilets, ADA/Wheelchair, & Sinks

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Columbia Sanitary

Sanitary Services

Septic System Pumping
Holding Tanks Pumping
Grease Traps
Waste Treatment Plants Pumping
RV Pumping
Septic Tank Maintenance & Inspection

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Gator Gro

Land Application

Recycling Waste Contents
Gator Gro Land Application
Regulated by the U.S. EPA and The Colorado
Department of Public Health and Environments

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A Minority-Owned, Family-Owned, Woman-Owned Business