In addition to Portable Toilets for Special Events, Portable Toilets for Construction, and Portable Toilet Trailers, we also provide products that help with your septic and portable toilet needs.

Septic Treat

Septic Treat

A septic tank treatment has highly concentrated bacteria product to aid the natural bacteria action of your septic system.  Much stronger than Rid-X, and no fillers like other products have. And the cost is less since we don’t do national advertising.  Over a years supply for $45.00 compared to Rid-X at $8.00 a box per month. (View this PDF to see our Product Comparison with Rid-X.) Remember, you still need to pump your tank. Use with regularly scheduled pumping. Click here to see recommend Schedule

$45.00 for 15, 2 oz packets. Free shipping! Tax is included.   

Bristle Filter

Gravity Bristle Filter By Sim/Tech Filter Inc.

When placed in the outlet side of your tank, the filter keeps particles as small as 1/16 in from migrating out to your leach field and clogging the ability to leach water into the ground.  The filter needs to be cleaned or replaced on an annual basis. We ship you the filter and a disposal bag for the old filter.

Click here for installation, cleaning or replacing your filter (PDF).

$45.00 Free shipping! Tax is included.   

Norweco Singulair Green Tanks

We are a distributor for Norweco Singulair Green Septic tanks

We Have – 3 tanks in stock

Septic Tank Risers and Lids By PolyLok Inc.


We carry risers to bring the opening of your septic tank to the surface.  No more digging when it is time to pump the tank.  They come in 12”,20” and 24” diameter sizes.  The heights are either 6” or 12”, and fasteners are used to make any length you need to get to the top of the ground.   We also carry two lids, in the different diameters, a regular lid and an heavy duty. The lids secure on top of the risers with screws.  We also have adapter plates to come off concrete tanks to transition to the plastic risers.  The lids secure on top of the risers with screws. Click Here to learn more

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