Porta Potty Guide For Backyard Party

Summer and Memorial Day Weekend are approaching fast!

Chances are you are planning on either having or attending a backyard party this summer.  If you are planning a backyard party you do not want guests going in and out of your house tracking in dirt, or even worse, going in the bushes.

In order to keep guests happy and your party sanitary, Our event portable toilets can suite most any needs small or large!

Memorial Day is a time for reflection and to honor the fallen heroes that fought for our country, but it has also become known as the weekend that kicks off summer.  Friends and families get together to attend Memorial Day Parades, go to the beach, attend concerts, gather at parks, and very often throw a Memorial Day barbecue at home.

Its a great time to start thinking about and planning your Memorial Day party.  


How many guests?
Co-workers, friends and family?
Families with kids?
Types of food and drinks to serve?
Yard games, events and activities for kids?
Will guests be staying at your home from out of town?

It’s important to keep in mind your restroom facilities during Memorial Day Weekend.  Another reason people rent event portable toilets for Memorial Day parties is to give the “guys” a place to go and the ladies a different restroom option.  You could order one standard Porta Potty and one portable flushing toilet for guests that appreciate the comfort of a flushing toilet?  Your guests will find a restroom outside more convenient than going into your house!

We also Offer self-contained sinks! They come in three sizes, 20,25, & 45 gallon



We do events just about anywhere!

Toilets @ echo lake on Mt. Evens
Toilets @ echo lake on Mt. Evens


Below is a usage chart to help you determine how many portable toilets are needed for your backyard party!

event planning chart

We are also running a Summer Special Where we have a bundle Package available! Need something bigger? Portable Restroom trailer for rent!!

Call 303-526-5370 or Email Kent@copotties.com  For a Free Quote today & help setting up you Party!

4 thoughts on “Porta Potty Guide For Backyard Party”

  1. It’s interesting that you talked about how you can order toilets to help keep people from bringing dirt in your house. I have been planning a family gathering this month, and I wasn’t sure if I should rent bathrooms. I can see how it would be a good idea, because a lot of kids will be playing outside and I don’t want them getting the house dirty.

  2. My fiance and I are going to be hosting a family gettogether in our backyard and we are worried about the restroom situation. We were thinking about getting special event portable toilets. It is nice to know that this option will drastically improve the party and the sanitary aspect as well.

  3. I want to have a backyard party. It makes sense that a restroom might be a good idea! That way I don’t have to worry about people not being able to use the restroom. I’ll be sure to get one that is high quality, since then it won’t be too intimidating to use.

  4. We loved the tip that you gave to consider how many guests you will have at your event when you are choosing porta-potties. My wife and I are hosting a block party, and want to get some portable restrooms. When we look for some, I will be sure to consider how many guests we will have, so we could get enough of them for our needs.


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